Introducing Argo on Metis

Argo is one of the the first algorithmic stablecoins built on Metis Andromeda, a low-cost Layer-2 Framework that is easy-to-use and highly scalable. $ARGO is pegged to the price of $TETHYS, the native token for the premier dex on Metis. The shares token of the Argo ecosystem is named Trident.

The Argo ecosystem is built around a system of farming liquidity and staking rewards. By farming ARGO-TETHYS and TRIDENT-TETHYS LP tokens in the Harbor, you can earn high yields rewarded in the form of $TRIDENT.
You can then stake your $TRIDENT rewards in the Cove to earn more $ARGO tokens.

$ARGO rewards from the Cove are paid out at the end of every eight hour epoch so long as $ARGO remains 1.1x above peg. If $ARGO drops below peg, investors can trade $ARGO into the ecosystem’s bonds token named $OAR. By purchasing $OAR, a portion of ARGO is taken out of circulation which supports its return to peg. $OAR can then be sold back into $ARGO at a premium for what you purchased it for.

To ensure trust in the Argo ecosystem, we have already KYC’d and the smart contracts have been audited!

Argo’s Future on Metis

Argo plans to not only follow in Tomb’s footsteps, but to take it beyond with innovative use-cases providing utility and sustainability to the ecosystem. Our primary goal is becoming the main medium of exchange on Metis. To achieve this goal, the Argo team is actively working on partnerships with both the Metis and Tethys teams.

In the short term, we will be advancing our marketing efforts to grow the Argo community and increase our liquidity.

How to Bridge to Metis

There are multiple ways to bridge funds onto Metis. The fastest and cheapest way to do so is bridging USDC from chain-to-chain using the Synapse Protocol. When using Synapse, please trade your USDC into Metis before purchasing Argo, Trident, or Tethys. The bridge provides you with only enough gas for one transaction.

Be sure to join our Discord channel where you can find more info on bridging to Metis, Argo developments, and chat with our friendly community and team!

Contracts and links:

ARGO: 0x1969ff7740e903CEF7A9ad5213afee07F9E478Af
TRIDENT: 0xB420D2E450045036AcE93A6554541224821Fa04b

Argo Chart
Trident Chart





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